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The area of the Forest District Krosno, mainly located within the area of Krosno District, is very attractive in respect of possibilities of taking advantage of its location for tourist and relaxing purposes. It follows from the dense network of roads joining a lot of close forest complexes and open territories with great landscape values.

There are many natural monuments (trees, groups of trees), valuable areas for special selection, tree stands of park character and richness of  protected, rare  and threatened plant and animal species. Within the area of the Forest District Krosno, there are also government's areas of birds protection approved to European network NATURA 2000.

Concerning tourist infrastructure, the Forest District possesses parking places for vehicles – two parking lots at the public roadsides and three ones kept and cleaned by fishing associations.

Through the Forest District area, there run tourist hiking trails and cycling paths.

Hiking trails

The area of the Forest District Krosno is crossed by three tourist hiking trails, namely:

- red trial – runs from Krosna Odrzańskie through Morsko, Łochowice, then goes round Gibiel Lake, Staw Dziki (Wild Pond) , Staw Parzydło (Parzydło Pond) to the village Czetowice between Młyńskie Lake, a Wielkim Stawem (Great Pond), and next runs through Skórzyn, Radomicko and Gęstowice to Rzeczyca,

- blue trial – starting at the railway station Pliszka, it runs towards  Ratno Lake, next goes along its southern shore  towards Pliszka village,

- green trail –also starting at the railway station Pliszka, continues north to the  Ratno Lake, then on the west along the River Pliszka goes round Wielickie Lake and further to Gądków Wielki village.

In the Forest District Krosno, there is located the nature and educational trail called "Osiecznica". The main aims created trail is to fulfil are: making possible to observe plant and animal species in their natural habitat, pointing at the problems of natural environment protection  focusing on forest protection, creating appropriate attitude towards nature.

The area of the Forest District due to its  location, in the close distance from a big urban centre,  as well as due to its neighbourhood of international routes, is  very attractive  place for tourists. Great tourist movement gives possibilities to promote the nature and landscape values of the Forest District, including proecological forest management.

Complex of parks and palaces

For ages, people created  parks near their estates, both around  big palaces and small residences. A lot of them survived to this day.  They are usually located within ex-manor and church lands. Parks with their special nature and  landscape  values  were confirmed  to be historical monuments  and  they  were  recorded  in the  register of historic  parks  controlled  by  Province  Conservator  of Monuments. Parks draws people's attention with their beauty and the collection of rare plant species. There occur old monumental tree specimen, often they are exotic species.

Historical Parks

Withinthe area of the Forest District Krosno, there are historical parks recorded  in the  Province register: Historical Park in Budachów.                                                                                                          

Village Parks

They are mainly remains from  ex-manor parks, where one can often encounter monumental tree specimen. Such parks are, among others, located in : Osiecznica, Czetowice, Gęstowice, Trzebiechów, Korczyców, Rzeczyca.