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The educational activities of the Forest District Krosno is carried out mainly on the basis of the nature and educational trail called "Osiecznica", which composes of Nature Chamber located within the seat of the Forest District. The supplement of educational activities conducted on the trail, there are meetings of the Forest District workers with their children and the youth in schools.

Important component of educational activity is share of the Forest District in events organised by local authorities. It gives possibility to get acquainted  with  the whole work of the State Forests at one time by a big group of people of different ages. Besides, the Forest District takes part in such educational undertakings organised within the area of Krosno District like – "Safe Junior High School", Joy Holiday (Święto radości), presentation of unformed services ( the Police, The Fire Service, the Border Guard, the Forest Guard Service) for junior high school students.

The Forest District Krosno pays great attention to cooperation with other companies  from the territory of its management – it particularly concerns uniformed services – due to common propaganda and educational actions.


Educational Trails

Inthe Forest District Krosno, there is located the nature and educational trail called "Osiecznica".

The main targets the trail is to fulfil are:

- making possible to observe plant and animal species in their natural habitat,

-pointing at the problems of natural environment protection  focusing on forest protection,

-creating appropriate attitude towards nature.


With a little bit of luck supported with quiet traversing the trail, we can observe here stags, deer, wild boars and numerous bird species. The route of the trail runs aside the seat of the Forest District, where the tourists can visit very attractive Education Chamber. There they can find  exhibits collected in display cases, which show forest habitats, primeval and derivative and technical pests of forest trees, forest butterflies, etc. The main attraction of the chamber are exhibits of animals inhabiting the Forest District including birds of prey with white – tailed eagle at the head. Interested ones can also explore rich forest film library.