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Forest management in State Forests is based on the Forest Management Plans created for the Forest District once per 10 years. They are prepared for the State Forests by specialised units, among others by The Bureau for Forest Management and Geodesy (BULiGL). The Forest Management Plans are approved by Environment Minister after consultations with society.

Preparation of the plan is always preceded   by very precise inventory of stocks and  assessment of the forest condition. The foresters specify such forest characteristics as: structure, formation, age, species composition, forest condition, soil and site conditions, etc.. In actions planned to be realised, the aims of forest management and functions the forests  perform in arranged forest district, there are  taken into account the following:

-maintaining the forests and their favourable influence  on climate, air, water, soil, living conditions and human' health, and finally on nature balance.

-forests protection, especially protection of ecosystems constituting the natural elements of Polish nature  or the forests particularly valuable due to:

•       maintenance of nature diversity,

•       maintenance of forest genetic resources,

•       science needs,

-protection of soils and areas specially exposed to pollution or damages with significant social meaning,

-wood production on the basis of rational management and timber (raw material) and by-products of  forest use.